Reform LA Health System


Current Estimated Population of Los Angeles County


Estimate of people in LA county in areas with a shortage of doctors


Major Medical Schools (in Los Angeles County)


Los Angeles County


o Los Angeles County: 10 million: 2 major medical schools

o Costa Rica: 4.25 million: 7 medical schools
o Nicaragua: 6.5 million: 6 medical schools
o Cuba: 11.4 million: 14 medical schools
o Sweden: 10.2 million: 8 medical school
o Illinois: 12.7 million: 8 medical schools
o Michigan: 9.9 million: 6 medical school
o Ohio: 11.6 million: 7 medical schools
o Pennsylvania: 12.8 million: 7 medical schools
o Massachusetts: 6.9 million: 4 medical schools

The issues facing the LA County Health System


The number of physicians in many low socioeconomic communities in LA county is below the recommended ratio.

The communities with severe shortage of doctors and lack access to care were disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus. Health inequities has led to higher morbidity/mortality rates amongst African Americans, Latinx, and other low-income communities making them more vulnerable to infections, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and higher infant/maternal mortality rates. They face significant disadvantage for early detection, delay in care and live a shorter life span (75 yrs) as compared to residents of affluent communities (90 yrs). An estimated 3,702,746 people in the county live in areas with shortage of doctors.


L.A. County with a population of more than10 million has only two major medical schools whereas Costa Rica with a population of 4.25 million has 7 medical schools.


LA County should establish a new medical school to train the much-needed physicians and waive tuition for graduating doctors who commit to serve in areas with shortage of physicians. This will present a viable solution to shortage of physicians and improves access to care in low socioeconomic communities and ultimately will save lives.


Given the current healthcare crisis, while the time has come to address the inefficiencies of the LA County Department of Health Services, there is greater need for a better and stronger healthcare system across the county. Now is the time to act, and please join us in making this more widely known.